Sensitive to human health and environment, we follow the world standards in production with the latest technology, we are constantly working for our.

We believe that the road to succes is to invest in qualified human resources by prioritizing the development of our employees.

In order to produce products beyond the needs of our customer in a timely manner and maximize custome satisfaction, we constantly improve ourselves and keep the efficiency in all processes at a competitive level.

Aware of our responsibility to our country and future generations, we offer our customers “quality”promise with aesthetic and functional designs, teamwork and customized solutions. In order to be the first company that comes to mind in the international market by improving our service network and to add strength to the power of country in the world market, we start with enthusiasm every morning.

In short, we have been producing for you since 1980 with the power we receive from these lands, we are grateful to the Flekssit family and all our stakeholders for providing service to you and our country.

“We walk confidently to beautiful tomorrows.”

Flekssit Group since 1980 serving in the field of modular office furniture and office systems. Since its inception, stable performance, an integrated approach to production and investment has become a leading provider of industry-oriented approaches.

The world market, Flekssit activities are progressing in the group, depending on the country's economy with companies engaged in the production of different fields of activity continues to accelerate. Area of ​​98,000 m²  with about 500 experienced staff, sofa, furniture, and has a production capacity of 1700 units per day for a metal band.

Flekssit of the Group's eco-friendly, high-quality standard products through a network of dealers in the five continents, and international adoption in many sectors locally and internationally as a brand name used safely.

Taking care of human health and environment. Following the international standards with high-technology in production. Giving priority to personnel development and make investment to qualified human resource. Best timing on the production and reach at the top point for customer satisfaction. Keeping the efficiency level of all processes in the world class area while improving ourselves continuously.
Continuous existing with customer oriented innovations, personal solutions and with quality by hard-line.

Product Quality
        Flekssit has products and system certificates such as TS EN ISO 9001:2015, TS EN ISO 14001:2015, TSE, TSEK, GOST, ISO 45001 and achieves high quality standards by choosing certified suppliers in raw material procurement and service.

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Conscious of our social responsibility with the promise of “quality” that we give to our customers, team work with aesthetic and functional designs and off ering customized solutions to be well known company in international market with advanced service network, contributing to increasing the competition power of our country.

Keeping the functionality forground regarding to our customers changing needs(demands), in world standard, human and environment  friendly products developing, with a sustainable growth keep customer satisfaction constant is our important target.


    To make designs that will affect the future.

Our company sees the environment as a trust will be left for future generations. 
Nowadays Environmental Pollution Problem is increasing day by day with the economıc Growth And the emerging Technologies. Therefore, production trends being changed and conscious movements are done for protecting the nature. 
We, Flekssit Office have the sensivity with our products working on protecting the environment and keeping the nature clean for the next generation. As we have the sensivity for environment we are following our environmental waste and pollutants at the production stage by recycling methods and reproduct them. Minimizing the environmental waste we are using the natural resources rationally. At the production time we are trying to use recycling environmentally friendly raw materials by choosing the appropriate methods. We believe in environmentally friendly quality idea and trying to help the natural balance.

Flekssit who has wooden, metal, plastic, foam and textile parts on 98.000m²  area is the leader company of sector with his 1700 daily product capacity about sofa, office furniture, office systems and metal products.
We are giving priority in our design aesthetıc, balance between quality and price and ecologic concepts.
“Technology that expanding your office…”
Flekssit already provide integration of working centers and increasing quality and efficiency with using barcode system in all processes of production and also with using last technologıc IT systems.
The raw materıals which is our requirement for our products are manufacturing within our foundations with last technology and high end qualit.