Steelpan work station with unique data management technology help you to your data management. It has unlimited cable hiding feature from front section to inner section of wall unit. It provides cable management with mounted service wall elements. This time saving and economic benefits are obtained in assemblage and replace.

Easy access to power supply provided with moving covers. Power outlets placed on the desired position on study place on unit. It also allows replaced while enabling  usage of Office accessories as Hanger elements  on the study wall, A4  paper holder, folder hoder, phone holder,pencil case, monitor  hanger.


Filbert - 246

Antik - 245

Walnut - 211

Teak - 224

Linden - 241

Spruce - 261

Anthracite - 250

White - 253

N.Brown -2511

N.Burgundy -2500

N.Blue -2503

N.Yellow -2505

N.Red -2502

N.Turquoise -2504

D.Brown -1680

D.Burgundy -1688

D.Orange -1687

D.Black -1686

D.Grey -1685

D.Blue -1682

D.Red -1684

D.Turquoise -1689

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